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Everyone gets some access to great articles. Paid subscribers get a deeper dive into these concepts and, if created, access to handouts and resources to guide their understanding of inclusive diabetes care. Our topics focus on four needs:

  1. You need a way to communicate the complexity of inclusive diabetes care to your clients authentically and relatablely. Our Solution: Help your clients experience five key feelings - belonging, ease, feeling seen and heard, nonjudgment, and support to discover and engage in wholesome self-care!

  2. You need a patient-centered way to address internalized bias and oppression without reinforcing them. Our Solution: Provide you with simple and effective ways to use mindful eating to decrease internalized weight bias for people with or at risk of diabetes. 

  3. You need a way to teach diabetes without glorifying extreme diets and privileged lifestyle options. Our Solution: The Four Factors of Diabetes makes diabetes easier to understand and helps clients see the value of balance instead of extreme diets or unsustainable lifestyle changes.

  4. You need a way to increase your referrals that doesn’t reinforce dieting or glorify unsustainable lifestyle changes. Our Solution: Understand the four critical times when clients should talk with you. 

Looking for a client-facing resource?

The No Weight Loss Required newsletter for people with diabetes is an excellent option. This weight-inclusive resource helps clients explore what diabetes care might look like without the scale! It is a PERFECT tool to support clients between appointments for a number of reasons.

  1. It is free. You have to love that!

  2. It comes to their inbox!

  3. It is completely weight-inclusive, which is so needed in the diabetes care space!

  4. Your clients will get to explore what a balanced approach to food, activity, and diabetes care feels like.

  5. There is also a paid option for clients looking for more support.

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My name is Megrette (Pronounced MEgret) Fletcher, and I am a dietitian and diabetes educator interested in health equity for people with diabetes.